Daily Settlement Price (DSP)

The DSP is used in the calculation of the Hedge Value of an FTR and is a key input into the prudential security calculation for each FTR participant on a daily basis. The DSP is based on a combination of an FTR Auction Value, NZ Electricity Futures values and modeled prices at the Benmore and Otahuhu reference GXPs. All DSP values are expressed in $ per MWh.

The clearing manager's daily settlement price (DSP) for FTR products is available on this page. DSP's are derived using a combination of auction, market and model behaviour. Further information surrounding this methodology can be found in the Prudential Security Assessment Methodology found on the document tab of this site.

PeriodProduct LabelStatusDSPLatest IM per MWh
May 202024HR-OBL-OTA->BENAUCTIONED-$20.48/MWh2.90
May 202024HR-OPT-OTA->BENAUCTIONED$0.00/MWh0.82
May 202024HR-OPT-BEN->OTAAUCTIONED$20.48/MWh0.58
May 202024HR-OBL-OTA->HAYAUCTIONED-$12.73/MWh2.04
May 202024HR-OBL-HAY->OTAAUCTIONED$12.73/MWh2.04
May 202024HR-OPT-OTA->HAYAUCTIONED$0.00/MWh0.37
May 202024HR-OPT-HAY->OTAAUCTIONED$12.73/MWh0.26
May 202024HR-OPT-OTA->ISLAUCTIONED$0.01/MWh1.61
May 202024HR-OPT-ISL->OTAAUCTIONED$13.68/MWh0.35
May 202024HR-OPT-OTA->INVAUCTIONED$0.03/MWh1.35
May 202024HR-OPT-INV->OTAAUCTIONED$21.16/MWh0.51
May 202024HR-OBL-HAY->BENAUCTIONED-$7.75/MWh2.36
May 202024HR-OPT-BEN->HAYAUCTIONED$7.75/MWh0.19
May 202024HR-OPT-HAY->BENAUCTIONED$0.00/MWh0.32
May 202024HR-OBL-BEN->ISLAUCTIONED$6.81/MWh1.08
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